simple but powerful moves from Bhangra

BhangraBlaze has taken simple but powerful moves from Bhangra and created an amazing calorie blazing fitness workout. Since it’s official start in August 2015 it has gained a lot of attention and popularity. It already has a regular feature on BIG CENTRE TV, been on Star Plus and has performed on some of the biggest stages in the UK.
Unlike other Bhangra classes BhangraBlaze is NOT a dance class but uses easy to follow ballistic movements, meaning that no prior dance experience is needed. This repeated ballistic motion ensures incredible calorie blazing. Added to this BhangraBlaze uses music that lifts you to push yourself even further, not because somebody tells you to but because you will want to. BhangraBlaze has been developed by a fitness instructor of 20 years experience utilising his fitness and body transformation knowledge and fusing it with Bhangra.

Based on the highly successful BhangraBlaze fitness programme, Bambinos is designed especially for children as a means to, not only get active and improve wellbeing, but to explore the music of the regions of India and develop creative expression through movement.